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I did a daruma doodle (~2hrs)

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A high school battle idea

Minami v. Kita Pitch Idea
EDIT; 9/15/13 added Team Minami chart

The students of the Language Attack Schools are pit against one another! Who will prevail, the Southern Team led by Yoshiko “Okaze” Kakyohamu or the Northern Team taught by the strict Mori “Enka” Jeon!?

Winners will receive the following:

  1. Round Trip Tickets to 日本
  2. $500 in spending cash for omiyage from 日本
  3. Guaranteed "A+" grade for the year
  4. A secret prized artifact...
                Team members:
                                KITA: Daggers, Irene, Orr, Alice, Drew, Addy
 LEADER: “Mori” WEAPON: “Sasara”
                                MINAMI: Ray, Patti, Robin, Garr, Monika, Jeromie
LEADER: “Yoshiko” WEAPON: “Flag”
                Team Strengths:
·         Daggers: sleep skill
·         Irene: sword skill
·         Orr: numeric skill
·         Alice: craft skill
·         Drew: prank skill
·         Addy: mimicry skill
o   Ray: craft skill
o   Monika: sword skill
o   Robin: numeric skill
o   Patti: speed skill
o   Garr: prank skill
o   Jeromie: otaku skill
Both teams will be able to elect two of the top performers to guide them through a series of study challenges, created to test even the most dedicated students!
                Ex: Can pick from Mie and ZroZ, Yi2 and Sae, Xu and Xiao, McFailure and Keisuke

Each player has their own strengths and weaknesses for the Language Trials. Teams must plan accordingly and use their best assets intelligently to win!