Saturday, August 29, 2015


Just tweaks of the same design only spent about 2 hrs on work today... Realizing once more the limitations of the android version of Sketchbook Pro-- really could use some higher resolution capabilities!

** drew another few hours tonight

Monday, August 24, 2015

Happiness vs. Productivity

The struggle is real. Why aren't there more hours in a day? This is a placeholder post to add my sketches into tomorrow!


Reality sinks in...


Sunday, August 23, 2015

Friday, August 21, 2015

A rare text post

Tonight was a night that reminded me of how short time seems but how many years have passed.

Instead of feeling too down, I'll riff on themes.

"Treasured" is about the basic 'One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure' saying. The characters all have the wrong treasure and they cannot leave Endless until the right persons reclaim their trinkets. Of course, they don't even realized the trash they hold is a treasure to anyone. It's a slow realization... that some realize too late.

"Deserted" is about towines in their young adulthood, trying to find their own path after their friends have left them behind. It's about losing that last bit of magic and youthful innocence when they realize how mundane life in a small town can be. The conflict comes from the setting itself; to rage and fight the boring reality that settles like dust.

"Cold City Science", mostly abandoned for now, is a science fiction installment about experimentation. One part Jurassic Park, one part The Office, it isn't as existential as Treasured or Deserted. It's just wacky and kooky but also dangerous..? I don't know man. It could maybe become a webcomic/strip.

"Project Neko" is the newest story in the bunch, which would be best told in an interactive format/game. It's based pretty heavily on my friend's job at a Cat Cafe and the kind of neurotic people who work, visit, love, and/or obsess over the phenomenon that is "Cat".

PN takes place in an abandoned housing project that has been redistricted for use as a cat adoption center and cafe. The neighborhood is rough, with many crimes taking place even in broad daylight, and stray cats are abundant.

Game Start:
The main character, a split choice between male V. Valentino or female V. Valentina, is applying to work for the cafe. After answering some multiple choice questions and an explanation about the job roles, a character avatar is generated.

It may be easier to plan the first plot line playing as Valentino, as there are more female appearing characters than male.

The main character has some basic traits but is mostly a blank slate...
V.V. name initials
Brightly colored eyes
Sunny disposition
Bob length hair that grows thickly
'Great listener'

The other characters have been written up thoroughly elsewhere, so this will be condensed-ish.


Felicia 'Furlicia' - aka 'Furball' to those who hate her. Obnoxious, she is offended by everything and constantly feels oppressed by the masses because of her fursona. She still lives at home with her conservative immigrant parents.

She is petite with tan skin and wears a hot pink cat eared wig with cat paw gloves. Her style is based on ero-lolita fashion (creepyeha inspired).

Her cat is a Devon Rex.

Panthera - a pansexual Eritrean who partakes in tokes. Her parents moved to this city as it already houses a community of fellow African natives. As a result, she has a heavy accent even though she has been in the country for over 10 years. She doesn't take life too seriously but is a hard worker... most of the time.

Panthera has dark skin, blue eyes, and light blonde nappy hair as a result of her waardenburg syndrome. She wears a powder pink catsuit, or an assortment of cat hoodies/leggings.

Her cat is a Bombay, given to her by Kitty.

Angelicat - baroness of the dark and witchy, Angelicat only cares about cats. A misanthrope through and through, she doesn't enjoy most conversations and the less time spent interacting with customers, the better. She only works the nightshift. She can't stand Furlicia.

She is very, very pale with silver dyed hair and wears only black/dark clothing with silver accents. She has a few large tattoos. She generally looks exhausted during the daylight hours.

Her cat is a Tortoiseshell.

Billi - Fiery and hot tempered, Billi is the kind of girl who can't control the volume of their voice and always seems to be getting in trouble. It's hard to get to know Billi; under all her augmentations lies a hidden dark past. Her image has been heavily crafted to keep people at the surface level only.

Billi is a transwoman, looks like a latina Gigi/ less natural Carmen Carrera and works as a hairstylist. She loves to wear tight fitting bodycon dresses or sheer panel tops that flash the goods.

Her cat is a Somali Red, given to her by Panthera.

Cheetah - tall, statuesque, and of questionable gender, Cheetah is a mystery. They are constantly being followed around and assaulted by the over eager Furlicia--she believed they were a snow leopard king in a past life.

They have a Persian cat.

Boss cat - basically Adam from the cafe. He is the one who determines if the character has the potential to become a masked cat crusader. He is not a very hands on manager and leaves Furlicia to do the policing around the cafe.

This slacker owner actually doesn't have a cat of his own, ironically.

Roary - basically Kyle from the cafe. He is Boss Cat's golden boy apprentice but at work he doesn't shine so brightly. He is not particularly self aware and is very emotional at times.

Roary manages to live in an even worse area of town than the projects where the cafe is. His bike is frequently stolen.

His cat is an odd eyed white domestic shorthair.

Leo - Manic Pixie Dream Girl, Rule 63 equivalent. Leo is a lumberjack/hipster hybrid who works as a carpenter making custom cat trees and platforms. He also goes by ' Catbeard '.

His cat is a longhaired Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat. Maybe a Bobtail named Bob?
Kitty DeMange - a repeat customer who tried to smuggle out a kitten under her shirt.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

"c'mon Grecian Wench!" - Chris

sent me some old pencil doodles from 2008-ish so I doodled over em a bit

Friday, July 31, 2015