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Pitch Email

"Hello Professors,

I'll be working on the 2 sentence story we came up with during the Matt Fraction class exercise, with some tweaks.

Plot: "Rad Park" is an amusement park and research facility founded on the basis of studying the effects of low level radiation caused by human activities in nuclear power. To help assuage negative public opinion about nuclear power, everything in the park is heavily marketed and curated to be super fun. 

Enter HANNAH, a fresh-faced intern who has nothing but admiration for the park. Think of an Annual Disney passholder on steroids--she LOVES this park, and has been working her whole young life to get this exclusive internship. 

One day, Hannah stumbles upon some ex-park staff squatters who now LIVE in the swamp exhibit of the park. These people were too diehard to accept the news when they were told it was time to leave/had their employment terminated. 

Unfortunately, living in irradiated conditions without proper protective gear is a known death sentence via cancer or "radies" (a made-up condition for the purpose of this story). As such, living in the swamp is severely detrimental to their health without proper equipment--which they ask Hannah to steal for them from the staff only park stockroom.

Now, Hannah is faced with a choice: help the squatters led by Holden (a former park alligator wrangler) or oust them because their presence is creeping out the guests/is a danger to themselves and others.
I only have 22 pages, so she's just going to side with the park squatters and join them. "YOLO" as the teens used to say. 

Prologue: The park will eventually close due to the crime and vandalism that inevitably results from the squatters presence. 

Thesis: What would it take to convince even the most hardcore supporters of a theme park to actively work against it? To close it? Is it dangerous to sell visitors on an idea of a place, to the point that they would do anything to stay? 

Characters: Only 4 named characters; Hannah (protag), Ota (her boss), Laila (Hannah's roommate/nark), and Holden (leader of the park dwellers).

Setting: America/China hybrid colony island set in 2032. Near future technology including drones and self-operating vehicles being the norm.

The Look: Neo-noir/cyber punk visuals. I'll be drawing it to the best of my ability.

Anything I'm missing? Let me know. 

Thanks for your time,
-Mae A. Boyer"

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Digital Storyboards

This one is a study of an exchange in Westworld